Getting Started

This page is up to date as of Patch 3.3.04.

Flight and Cockpit Basics

  A.  Introduction (skip this if you got it)
  B.  Navigation Panel
      i. Navigation
      ii. Transactions
      iii. Contacts
      iv. Targeting
      v. Radar
      vi. Compass Orb
  C.  Messaging Panel
      i. Chat
      ii. Inbox
  D.  Role Panel
  E.  Ship & Player Panel
      i. Finding Jump Range
      ii. Power Management Location
  F.  Pre-Flight Checks
  G.  Taking Off
  H.  Locking a Star Destination
  I.  Jump and Supercruise
  J.  Locking a System Destination

Docking and Landing

  A. Approaching an orbital station
  B. Docking at an airlocked station
  C. Docking at a non-airlocked station
  D. Approaching a planetary settlement
  E. Docking at a planetary settlement
  F. Landing on a planet

Outfitting Your Ship

  A. Tips for shopping
  B. Coriolis and Shipyard
  C. Spending your first 10k
  D. Maximizing Jump Range
  E. Building for Trade
  F. Building for Exploration
  G. Building for Combat

Courier and Delivery Missions

  A. Using the Mission Board
  B. Common mistakes
      i. Take missions in your range / cargo capacity
      ii. Build for long range and cargo (D-rated Hauler / A-rated FSD ASAP)
      iii. Plot routes that make sense
      iv. Don't run out of fuel
      v. Account for shorter laden range
  C. Time bonuses
  D. Mission reward options
  E. Recommended CR amounts to switch to other tasks
      i. Planet scanning - 500,000 CR
      ii. Deep core mining - 3,000,000 CR
      iii. Other (less profitable) tasks
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