Getting Rich

This page is up to date as of Patch 3.3.04.

Planetary Scans

  A. Why Explore?
  B. Stuff You'll Need
      i. Detailed Surface Scanner (required)
      ii. D-Rated modules / A-Rated FSD (highly recommended)
      iii. Fuel scoop (recommended)
  C. Discovery Scanner
  D. Full Spectrum Scanner
      i. Finding Body Locations
      ii. Frequency Ranges & What They Mean
      iii. Payouts
      iv. Where to use FSS
  E. Surface Mapping
      i. Which bodies to map
      ii. Mapping
      iii. Efficiency targets
  F. Selling Cartographic Data
      i. Get at least 20Ly away
      ii. Ways to get bigger payouts (Faction states, powerplay)
  G. Sample Road to Riches (sphere around Eravate ~50mil)
  H. How to make your own R2R (EDDB, EDSM, and Spansh)
  I. Long trips
       i. Fuel scooping
       ii. Avoiding damage
       iii. Avoiding interdiction
       iv. See Also: Long-Range Navigation (Ch. 12)

Deep Core Mining

  A. Why Core Mining?
  B. Things You Need
      i. Seismic Charge Launcher (required)
      ii. Abrasion Blaster (required)
      iii. Prospector Limpet Controller (required)
      iv. Cargo Racks (required)
      v. Limpets (required)
      vi. Detailed Surface Scanner (required on at least 1 ship)
      vii. Pulse Wave Scanner (very highly recommended)
      viii. Collector Limpet Controller (highly recommended)
      ix. Shield Generator (recommended)
      x. Fuel Scoop (recommended)
  C. Finding Rocks with Cores
      i. Mapping Hotspots with DSS
      ii. Finding Core Rocks with Pulse Wave Scanners
      iii. Recognizing Core Rocks in Ring/Field Types
      iv. Surveying rocks
  D. Collecting materials
      i. Cracking rocks with seismic charges
      ii. Collecting with scoops
      iii. Collecting with limpets
  E. Selling materials
      i. Using EDDB to find good prices
      ii. Selling at Marketplace
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