Getting Popular

This page is up to date as of Patch 3.3.04.

Reputation, Factions, & Background Simulation

  A. Superpowers overview
  B. Why grind superpower rep?
  C. Ranking up in Federal & Imperial Navy
  D. Getting Alliance permits
  E. BGS process overview
  F. Local powers & minor factions
  G. Faction states
  H. Reputation decay & healing


  A. Why powerplay?
  B. Rewards of powerplay
  C. Missions and merits
  D. Voting
  E. Effects on Background Simulation

Wing & Multicrew

  A. What's different about wing missions?
  B. Sharing missions
  C. Accepting wing mission payout.
  D. Bulk trading in wing
  E. How does multicrew work?
  F. Mining in multicrew
  G. Combat in multicrew
      i.  Ship-based fighters
      ii. Turret gunning
  H. What you can't do in multicrew.
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