Getting Good

This page is up to date as of Patch 3.3.04.

Combat Basics

  A. Why do combat?
  B. Reading the Radar
      i.   Combat ratings
      ii.  Hardpoints deployed/retracted
  C. Maneuvers
      i.   Throttle control
      ii.  Using pitch to turn
      iii. Toggling flight assist
  D. Diverting power
      i.   Getting away
      ii.  Recharging shields
      iii. Sustained fire
  E. Escaping
      i.   Mass lock
      ii.  Jump inhibition
  F. Weapons
      i.   Weapon targeting types
      ii.  Damage types
      iii. Weapon types
      iv.  Targeting subsystems
  G. Utilities
      i.   Shield cells
      ii.  Heat sinks
      iii. Chaff launchers
      iv.  Electronic countermeasures

Bounty Hunting

  A. Finding targets
      i.  Normal scans
      ii. Using a kill warrant scanner
          a. Warning about outside bounties and fines
  B. Interdiction
  C. Chasing an escaping target
  D. Turning in bounties
      i. Using an Interstellar Factor

Assassination and Massacre

  A. Taking missions
  B. Using signal sources
  C. Finding targets at points of interest and resource sites
  D. Stacking massacre and assassination missions together

Theft and Liberation

  A. Hatch breaker limpets
  B. Planetary liberation missions
  C. Hostage rescue

Combat Zones

  A. Objectives
  B. Choosing a side
  C. General CZ Tips
  D. Fighting against spec ops ships
  E. Fighting against capital class ships
  F. Turning in combat bonds
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