Getting Around

This page is up to date as of Patch 3.3.04.

Long-Range Navigation

  A. Basic route filtering
      i.   Economic routes
      ii.  Direct routes
      iii. Filtering by scoopable stars
      iv.  Filtering by civilization to find amenities
      v.   Filtering by visited to get exploration data
  B. Going even further beyond
      i.  FSD injectors
      ii. Neutron highway routing
          a. How to plot neutron jumps
          b. How to scoop from neutron stars

Power and Weight Management

  A. Maximizing your jump range
      i.   Maximum FSD size
      ii.  D-rated components for weight
      iii. Which components weigh nothing?
      iv.  FSD engineering
      v.   Guardian FSD boosters
      vi.  Engineering other components
  B. Managing your heat
      i.   What generates heat?
      ii.  Picking the right power supply
          a.  Weight-to-output ratio
          b.  Heat efficiency
      iii. Ship-specific heat dissipation
      iv.  How to scoop without heat damage
      v.   Silent Running
  C. Managing your power
      i.   When is it okay to go over 100% on a build?
      ii.  Switching components off
      iii. The power distributor, weapons, and boosting
      iv.  Power priority groups
          a. For swapping with hardpoints (100%)
          b. For running when power plant is damaged (40%)

Engineering and Materials

  A. The importance of FSD engineering
  B. Unlocking engineers
  C. Grinding reputation with Engineers
  D. Experimental effects
  E. Remote Workshop and pinned blueprints
  F. Materials and where to get them
  G. Materials Trader
  H. Tech blueprints
  I. Guardian blueprints

Planetary Excursions

  A. Scanning planets for materials.
  B. Looking up materials locations on EDDB.
  C. Finding a good place to land.
  D. Loading and unloading the SRV.
  E. Cracking rocks and collecting materials.
  F. Calling down your ship.
  G. Exploring Guardian ruins in the SRV.
  H. Other kinds of exploration.

Passenger Missions

  A. Why take passengers?
  B. Fitting with passenger cabins.
  C. Grinding rep for the Passenger Lounge.
  D. Bulk passenger missions.
  E. VIP passenger missions.
  F. Passenger demands.
  G. Popular passenger mission routes.

Large-Scale Trading & Trade Routes

  A. Why trade big?
  B. Trading routes
      i.   Plotting routes for the Galaxy map
      ii.  Buying data
      iii. Looking up trade routes on EDDB
  C. Arbitrage
  D. Rare goods and distance
  E. Black Market goods
      i. Acquiring illegal goods
      ii. Selling illegal goods
      iii. Avoiding scans
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